Friday, October 9, 2009

Discover Janesville at Speakeasy - Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray

Episode 10 of Discover Janesville was filmed at Speakeasy and the interviews will be posted up on YouTube over the next couple of weeks. Huge "thanks" goes to everybody at Speakeasy.

The first interview is with Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray. Caleb spent his formative years in Janesville and is now a recording artist in New York City. Together with Grey McMurray, they comprise the "itsnotyouitsme".

Our interview centered on what it was like to grow up in Janesville, to be from Janesville and be living in New York City, the value of community and self expression. We had a great conversation and I hope that you will find these interviews entertaining and perhaps inspiring.

Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray part 1

Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray part 2

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